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fuba Smart Antenna

… on basis of MantaRay



Car-to-car communication (or Car2Car / C2C) refers to the exchange of information and data between vehicles with the background of being able to report critical and dangerous situations to the driver at an early stage; the implementation aims to increase traffic safety and optimise traffic flow.



C2C will become standard in vehicles. Existing roof antennas have many (up to 7) RF cables and connectors; this leads to losses at the high frequencies used and reduces performance. The challenge is the transmission of 4x 5G, 2x CV2X, GNSS (L1,L2,L5), 2x Wifi, 2x BT over two bell wires at 1Gbit/s.


Digitisation should therefore be sought as early as possible. 4 telephone antennas must be integrated (see MantaRay antenna), and the modem should be relocated from the head unit. Is integration in the antenna possible? Car manufacturers have so far approached the problem in different ways.

fuba Smartantenne Demonstrator

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To counteract the losses, RF cables are avoided and simple contacting is aimed for. All functions are integrated into a smart antenna based on our MantaRay, which is thermally and galvanically connected to the vehicle.

fuba MantaRay Smartantenne

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In the same volume of the MantaRay antenna, all desired functions are available and displayed via WLAN and Ethernet in the vehicle and at the customer’s on a tablet PC. To the product…

smart Antenne von fuba