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Our customers are as diverse as the solutions we implement for them. They include Fortune 500 companies such as BMWGeneral Motors, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo and Volkswagen as well as Tesla, Geely, Nio or Jaguar Landrover Tata.


Our customers and fuba are united by the aspiration of our work: to achieve the goals we strive for in partnership in order to actively shape the future together.

Agile and visionary.

fuba is the visionary, agile and competent system integration partner that creates the highest added value for its customers and enables growth. fuba will double its sales in the next three years and has the vision to grow strongly through innovative strength with the megatrends 5G, Car2Car and autonomous driving. We want to become the global market leader for innovative antenna systems and smart connectivity solutions by making tomorrow’s mobility available today.

Our customers in the U.S.

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Our customers in Europe

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Our customers in China

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In the Middle.

fuba is focusing on the megatrends of connectivity, shared mobility and autonomous driving; we are expanding in the areas of smart antennas and specialised control units for connectivity applications.


In compliance with our high environmental standards, we are continuously working on optimising our products, services and business processes; this directly benefits our customers.


With a closely coordinated strategy between our two development centres in Germany and China, we are a strong and reliable partner for Western car manufacturers. We set standards in efficient and trusting cooperation with our customers, which creates the highest added value for the parties involved and enables growth: for example, we accompany Western car manufacturers to China as their core contact and maintain close contact with the European development centres of our Western customers.