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fuba MantaRay 5G Antenna



5G has been gaining widespread use as a new mobile communications standard since 2019 and builds on the existing LTE standard (“Long Term Evolution”). 5G serves as the basis for the digitalisation of many areas of life and ensures that mobile data is transmitted up to 100 times faster; real-time data transmissions become possible.


Real-time data transmission is in turn essential for connected and autonomous driving. Higher bandwidth, short response times and the high resilience of 5G make the new mobile radio standard ideal for transport networking.



5G requires four different (diverse) antennas. However, commercially available antenna designs do not have the space for the necessary technology, especially since the antenna will eventually also include functions such as C2C, WLAN, GNSS and SDARS; its volume must therefore be increased.


But: the antenna must again not become too large, as it must find application on as many car roofs as possible; the available radii are always different here. And: creating an attractive, modern design is another challenge.



Existing solutions use only 2 telephone antennas in the roof antenna, and two additional antennas, e.g. in the bumper, are used as the 3rd and 4th antenna. The disadvantages: additional cabling, additional installation space, additional antennas.


For this reason, fuba takes a different approach. The antenna is explicitly used as a functional design element: the integration of all antennas in a single, distinctive and highly visible component.



Our MantaRay antenna was developed in cooperation with Budde Industrie Design. Fully integrated, with small dimensions (length x height approx. 120mm x 70mm) and an innovative design, it has the following features, among others:


  • High diversity / decoupling of the four 5G antennas >15dB with a gain >0dBi
  • Integration of further services: WLAN, GNSS L1/L2/L5, CV2X with simultaneous full receive performance
  • Mechanics are waterproof, easy to mount and accident-proof
  • Galvanic and thermal coupling
  • Reliable bonnet design (UV and temperature resistant paint)
Manta Ray 5G Antenne by fuba

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