fuba SteuergeräteControl UnitsOur car sharing module.

Car sharing module by fuba.

fuba develops and produces control units. The development can take place in different stages:


  • HW and SW development in-house
  • HW support
  • Build2Print


This gives the customer the flexibility to keep his know-how in his own company. The development of the application software can take place individually at the customer’s site.


One of these control units is our car sharing module: with car sharing, comprehensive mobility can be ensured, which sees the car as a complement to public transport, walking and cycling. This promotes these modes of transport and reduces the overall burden on road traffic.

Car sharing is a means of “combined mobility” (source: Wikipedia). On average, one carsharing car replaces up to ten private vehicles, depending on local conditions. This reduces the parking spaces needed for private cars in public spaces. The freed-up spaces can then be used for other purposes.


It is therefore undisputed that car sharing contributes to environmental relief. Especially in urban residential areas, where there is not a parking space available for all vehicles, car sharing can bring relief.


With its car sharing module, fuba offers the technical prerequisites.

Telematics in the car



  • Easy installation of the car sharing module in the garage
  • Small housing that can be easily installed in different locations
  • An optional, integrated 4G modem with antenna enables easy mounting and connection to the outside world




  • 8 GB internal flash memory
  • 2x CAN interface
  • 2x LIN interface
  • BroadR-Reach interface (multiple ports possible)
  • Mechanical dimensions: 75mm x 104mm x 29mm
  • Mounting in the car (dashboard / rear seat)
  • Optional: 4G modem + MiMo antenna
fuba Carsharing Modul

Universally applicable.

Our car sharing module is a single PCB solution, which means: all the required functions and interfaces in the smallest possible space in a housing that can be mounted in the dashboard or under the rear seat, for example.

Installation is simple, as it can be carried out in a garage; in addition to its internal flash memory, it has a BroadR-Reach interface and dual CAN and LIN connections.