HF-Antennen von fubaRF AntennasAlways on reception.

Antennas from fuba: A broad spectrum.

The fuba product portfolio includes a wide range of antenna technology for all conceivable installation locations. Be it invisible SDARS or GPS antennas in the roof, Shark Fins for GNSS and telephone services, specialised AM/FM/TV antennas in the bumpers or foil antennas for glass surfaces: We have the right solution ready.


fuba – The gateway to a networked world.

To ensure that today’s and tomorrow’s vehicles with countless receiver units on the roof or other body parts are not visually disruptive, the antennas for the various services must be cleverly accommodated in a wide variety of locations in the car. Due to tight installation spaces and the complex technology modules together with control units, this is a challenge that fuba successfully meets:


As a Tier 1 module and system supplier for automotive reception systems, fuba has been offering a wide range of products for more than 50 years, from entry-level antennas to the highest-quality reception systems.

A wide range of antennas in the car: fuba

Always innovative.

For 50 years, fuba has offered a wide range of products from entry-level antennas to high-quality reception systems and audio/video tuners.


In doing so, our cooperation with the University BW Munich and Professors Lindenmeier has been creating new innovations and impulses again and again for over 50 years: “You have to have the courage to believe that there is always a possibility to invent something new.”

fuba Automobilelektronik

A selection of our traditional antennas:


  • AM/FM/DAB/TV antenna amplifiers for use on windows
  • AM/FM/DAB/TV antenna amplifiers for outdoor use
  • Blocking circuits and filters
  • Roof antennas (shark fin or with short rod) for the services: 5G, GNSS, SDARS, AM/FM/DAB, Wifi, 2,4GHz, remote keyless entry
  • Hidden antennas in trunk, wing, plastic / glass roof for the services: AM/FM/DAB/TV, 5G, GNSS, SDARS, Wifi, 2,4GHz, Remote Keyless Entry
  • AM/FM/DAB/5G foil antennas for use in spoiler or wing
  • u.v.a.