fuba Smart AntenneSmart AntennaConnects the car to the world.

Intelligent antenna module.

Implementing networked services in the cars of the future is a challenge and requires a completely new approach. In response to the need for numerous RF connectors and cables, fuba realised an optimised concept for the first time with SIMCom and PRISMA that significantly reduces production costs and effort.


“The constructive and interdisciplinary cooperation between fuba, SIMCom and PRISMA quickly led to an extraordinary result.” (Christian Heuer, fuba)

To achieve this, fuba developed an advanced antenna array that supports all relevant RF communication standards in the latest MIMO, multiband and diversity configurations for maximum throughput and coverage.


In the further development, the integration of 5G as well as the services CV2X, GNSS, Wifi was directly integrated into the intelligent antenna module with Quectel. The connection to the vehicle is made via automotive Ethernet, CAN or Wifi.

4G/5G and C-V2X with integrated connectivity module



  • All HF cables are replaced by a two-wire line
  • Better reception and transmission performance
  • No RF connectors/cables required
  • Saves space and weight




  • 4G/5G, C-V2X, Wi-Fi, Dual Band GNSS
  • Single automotive Ethernet port




  • 4G/5G (x4)
  • Cellular V2X (x2)
  • Wi-Fi/2.4 GHz (x2)
  • GNSS L1, L2 & L5
  • SDARS (active antenna only)
fuba Smartantenne Prototyp

ONE interface.

Instead of a bulky, expensive connector and several lossy RF cables, the connection to the vehicle is made via a compact connector that supports power supply, CAN as well as an automotive single-pair Gigabit Ethernet (IEEE 802.3bp) with up to 1,000 Mbps.


The latter allows data from all the different RF connections to be routed to the vehicle network via a single high-speed digital interface.

Today we are proud to present a fully functional prototype of the revolutionary Smart Antenna, the result of merging fuba’s antenna design expertise with SIMCom’s modem and software know-how. The interface and modem configuration can be adapted to individual requirements, while the concepts are almost ready for production.


“The smart antenna approach sets new standards and leaves conventional vehicle networking solutions far behind.”
(Luis Fischer, Prisma)