fuba in HungaryLogistics & Service

Fuba Automotive Electronics Kft

Our versatile support complements the existing portfolio of fuba’s production with another building block. In addition to content-based internal services, we offer our customers comprehensive logistics and supply chain options.


Supporting Service functions we provide to fuba internal…


  • Material Scheduling for production
  • Advanced Quality Engineering
  • Global Purchasing Raw Materials and Services
  • Global IT Management
  • Finance Controlling and Accounting
  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Support

… and to OEMs around the world:


  • Customer Service for OEM
  • Warehousing, Finished Product Dispatch

Szombathely, Hungary

We help our valued customers with advanced supply chain solutions to receive fuba’s products on time in requested conditions.


Our Core Team Values:


  • Customer focus
  • Exceptional expertise
  • Dedicated teamwork
  • Engaged personnel
fuba Ungarn (Hungary)

Logistics Solutions

We provide innovative opportunities to create solutions that connect fuba components easily reachable in quality best in class at all times. Activities executed by the local team:


  • Customer specific labeling and packaging
  • Door to door delivery
  • Returnable container system
  • Lean material handling
  • Quality management
  • Flexible opening hours based on customer demand
fuba Ungarn (Hungary)