Nachhaltige Planung und Produktion bei fubaSustainability.What footprint do we leave behind?

Our responsibility

The topic sustainability takes on an important relevance for us not only due to the adjustments of market requirements. We want to give the future generation a chance for a socially just and clean world.


For us, this inevitably leads to the step of merging the topics of sustainability and quality, because we are convinced that the quality of a product must not only make a statement about the reliability of the defect, but also about the footprint the product leaves on the world in terms of social justice and environmental pollution.

High relevance

We specifically promote this with these measures:


  • Further reduce the use of conflict materials (tin, tantalum, gold and tungsten as well as their derivatives) and monitor compliance with regulations in their handling.
  • Ensuring that materials and processes are produced in a particularly ecological and socially just manner.
  • Promote the reduction of CO2 emissions

Social responsibility

Our aspiration in terms of social responsibility is to create mutual benefits in all our relationships. We fulfil these by…


  • Understanding the needs and expectations of individuals, customers, service providers, suppliers, partners, communities, governments and appropriate regulations.
  • Managing our activities in a way that benefits all those with whom we have relationships
  • We fulfil our duties as a responsible member of the societies in which we operate
  • We demonstrate respect for human dignity and the rights of the individual

Based on this, we have created ethical principles that are binding for us and our partners.